Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Town Centre Map + My Draft

Town Centre Map/Draft

Festival Ground
14 Central Gazebo/Park

Late Night Lots
1 Luke's Diner + 2 Taylor Doose's Old fashion Soda Shoppe = Dive Bar
7 Antonioli's Restaurant + general building = Sportsbar
16 Weston's Bakery = Watering Hole 

Rabbit Hole / Community Lots

3 Stars Hollow Library = Library
6 Stars Hollow Beauty Supply = Spa
5 Doosie's Market = Supermarket
15 Stars Hollow High School = School
9 Stars Hollow Books = Bookstore
13 Kim's Antiques = Consignment store
11 Le Chat Club = Pet store
18 Miss Patty's Dance School = Gym
10 Post Office/Bank = could be Office building

Additional Lots

12 Church
4 Sophie's Music
17 Stars Hollow Video
19 Newsstand
8 don't know yet


>>>On the Draft<<<

Green Lines = the residential part starts
Blue Lines = whatever (community lots/rabbit hole/residential)


  1. I like it, nice job!

  2. i will like to go gut i dont know where it is

  3. where is lorelai's house?

  4. I want to go with my daugther please Tell me where is located.

  5. This can't be right-- why would the school be located there?

    1. In S03 E18 Luke steps outside his diner and sees Jess walk across the street towards school. So that may be how they found that out.

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  6. It's right. But it's missing somethings.

  7. 8 - Hotel Densmore E03S02 - Nice job!

  8. It's not right. Lane said her mom only let her work at Luke's because she could see the diner from her house.

    1. Can you see the grey roof with the white square chimney, just above the house labelled 13? It's easy to miss, it looks like a blank piece of street, but THAT is Kim's Antique store. #13 is even better: the front of the building facing left is the front of Sookie's house. The BACK of that building is the Gilmore house. If you walked into Lorelai's and kept walking, you'd come out of Sookie's front door. (Source: studio tour back in '05)

  9. The ??? next to 17 is a clothes store, where there was a red dress that Lorelai wanted Rory to wear on her prom (in season 2, around episode 20).
    In front of Luke's it's the school gym with the "M" of the Stars Hollow High Minutemen and next to it (where ??? is) there's nothing. There are no stores facing Luke's.
    On the left of Le Chat Club there's a vintage store (we can see it in the "catKirk" and "humanKirk" episode).